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Welcome! Here is some information to let you know how the studio operates and to help you decide on the type of lesson you would like to take.  Please contact me with any questions or concerns that you have.


NEW Piano Academy

A combination of private lessons and group classes. Currently we are full, but please contact me if you're interested.

Two private lessons plus 4 group classes per month. Classes include technique, music/keyboard history, theory, and various workshops.

Contacting me:

E-mail address: jamieksims@gmail.com
SAME DAY calls: Please call and if no answer, leave a voice message (land line): (804) 355-0414
Please call between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Studio Location: Near Carytown, Richmond, VA

Some of the music I assign will usually be available through a link I will give you.
OR from:
Music and Arts (formerly Boykins) at 4701 W. Broad St. (358-1981) and 9728 Midlothian, (272-1197) at the Steinmart Festival, carry a small stock of music, as does Sam Ash on W. Broad. I may get some scores for you at first to ensure the correct editions. It will be necessary for you to purchase music to comply with copyright laws. I will do my best to keep the cost down. Bring in any music you are interested in working on!

We usually have two or three performance opportunities (recitals) per year: one in December, one in February, and one in May. Some of these are casual and in my home, with students playing works in progress. Some are in other venues, always in very appreciative situations, such as nursing homes and assisted living residences. All of them are good learning experiences. No one is required to play, but I think you'll see that our small group is very supportive and encouraging. Feel free to come and just listen.

Having taught piano and composition for many years, I've found that it is important to have a set of guidelines and policies: not only to eliminate misunderstandings in the teacher / student relationship, but to help make me a better and more efficient teacher. I approach students as individuals and attempt to challenge each according to their own unique potential.

Practice Policies:
I realize that everyone is pressed for time. However, sufficient practice is the surest guarantee that you will experience consistent progress in learning the instrument and developing as a musician. In your lessons we will work on efficient practice methods for you to employ at home. Practicing can be one of the most enjoyable parts of your day -

Jamie's Piano Club - Teaching
Attendance Policies:
• If you need to cancel a lesson:
  Students must give at least 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule a lesson, in order to qualify for a make-up lesson. Make-ups   may be rescheduled during any tuition period that is workable for both of us. Tuition does not carry over to the following month.
• Lessons cancelled WITHIN 24 hours due to illness or emergency will be made up as soon as possible, and these emergency make-up lessons are limited to two per year.
• No–shows will not be made up.
• Please talk to me about special circumstances you know about in advance.

• If I need to cancel a lesson: I will make up the lesson or credit you (your option).

Two Pianos

MISSED LESSONS: Since you will only have private lessons every other week, I hope this will be easy to schedule around. If it is necessary to miss a lesson, and you know in advance, I will first have you contact other students to see if someone is amenable to a time-slot swap. Hopefully this will solve most of these reschedules. For last-minute emergencies please call the studio and leave a voice message, if no answer. This phone does not accept texts. Also please email at the address above. Generally make-ups require 24-hour notice, and are limited to two.  

MISSED GROUP CLASSES: I realize that now and then there may be a reason to miss a class. Though it's better to be there in person, I will be recording each class and the link will be sent to all students afterward. Please let me know in advance if you are going to miss a class, so we know not to wait for you.


PIANO ACADEMY Monthly Rates:

(2) 1-hour lessons and 4 group classes - $190.00/month
(2)  1.5- hour lessons and 4 group classes - $265.00/month

NOTE: Please let me know if you have any special circumstances. I want to make lessons available to everyone who wants to play.

Currently only accepting checks or payment through bank. No credit cards, No PayPal.

STUDIO WEBSITE: http://www.jamieksims.com/piano-club

STUDIO FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/jamiespianoclub


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