The Cosmopolitans "Wild Moose Party" CD

Jamie's 1980s band. Retrospective CD with their hits, "(How to Keep Your) Husband Happy" and "Wild Moose Party", as well as several unreleased tracks! Put out in limited edition by Dionysus Records/ Bacchus Archives in 2006. Also includes wild video from 1980, done by then-student Michael Dugan, who went on to create several MTV programs. Non-stop fun! Buy Now on Amazon


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T-Shirt - Standard

Very soft cotton T-shirt with image of the Moose cat surrounded by the dancing members of The Cosmopolitans. Fabric and sizing like American Apparel. Only a few left!

$22 each, $2.99 S&H

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T-Shirt - Girly

The Wild Moose cat dances in the center with the rest of the band dancing and playing around him! This shirt has smaller sleeves and has piping at the larger neck and sleeves. It is slightly fitted.

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